2021 Award Winners


1st place – Moral Injury and Distress Among Military Surgeons Deployed to Far Forward Combat Environments: Analysis of Gender Differences and Disparities. Madeline Y Ryu, Stanford Medical School; Alto Veterans Affairs Health Care System; Scripps Mercy Hospital

2nd Place – Validation of a Miniaturized Handheld Arterial Pressure Monitor for Guiding Full and Partial REBOA Use During Resuscitation. Derek Benham, Naval Medical Center San Diego


General Surgery

1st Place – Re-education and communication through simple signage can improve hospital efficiency and quality of care for patients with acute appendicitis. Kal Gunasingha, MD, Walter Reed National Military Medical Center

2nd Place – Urologic Care Afloat Navy Provider Education: Development of Urologic Emergency Simulation Curriculum Models. Ashley S Hafer, MD, Walter Reed National Military Medical Center


2021 Military Service Award


Robert Lim, MD




2021 Military Awards Session