2018 Basic Science Presentations

MSS01 Saline Hydro-Flotation is Superior to Bioresorable Membranes in Decreasing Intra-AbdominalAdhesion Formation in a Rat Model John Kuckelman, Morgan Barron, Kevin Kniery, Jeffrey Kay, Joseph Kononchik, Zachary Hoffer, Vance Sohn; Madigan Army Medical Center

MSS02 EXTENDING THE GOLDEN HOUR FOR ZONE 1 REBOA: IMPROVED SURVIVAL AND REPERFUSION INJURY WITH INTERMITTENT VERSUS CONTINUOUS REBOA IN A PORCINE SEVERE TRUNCAL HEMORRHAGE MODEL John Kuckelman, Morgan Barron, Donald Moe, Michael Derickson, Cody Phillips, Joseph Kononchik, Michael Lallemand, Shannon Marko, Matthew Eckert, Matthew Martin; Madigan Army Medical Center

MSS03 Vasopressin Administration During Fluid Resuscitation Alters Expression of Epigenetic Enzymes of Renal Artery in a Pig Model of Hemorrhagic Shock Jillian M Piaggione, MD1, Lee-Ann M Murata, MSc2, Catherine F Uyehara, PhD2, Dao H Ho, PhD2; 1Department of General Surgery, Tripler Army Medical Center, 2Department of Clinical Investigation, Tripler Army Medical Center

MSS04 Final Report of a Randomized Phase 1b Trial to Assess Sequencing of the E39 and E39′ Vaccines to Optimize Long-term Antitumor Immunity in Folate Binding Protein (FBP)-Expressing Breast and Ovarian Tumors John W Myers, MD1, Kaitlin M Peace, MD1, Timothy J Vreeland, MD2, Diane F Hale, MD1, Doreen O Jackson, MD1, Julia M Greene, MD1, Tommy A Brown, MD1, Guy T Clifton, MD1, George E Peoples, MD3, Elizabeth A Mittendorf, MD, PhD2; 1Department of Surgery, Brooke Army Medical Center, Ft. Sam Houston, TX, 2The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX, 3Cancer Vaccine Development Program, San Antonio, TX

MSS05 AN EVALUATION OF NOVEL MEDICAL DEVICES AND OTHER INTERVENTIONS IN THE TREATMENT OF TENSION PNEUMOTHORAX IN A SWINE MODEL Rowan R Sheldon, MD, Michael J Derickson, MD, Woo S Do, MD, Dominic M Forte, MD, Jessica B Weiss, MD, Matthew J Eckert, Matthew J Martin, MD; Madigan Army Medical Center, Tacoma, WA

MSS06 A Novel Bioresorbable/Biointegratable/Biocompatible Dressing for Negative Pressure Wound Therapy Samuel Tahk, MD, PhD1, Renford Cindass, MD1, Kevin Wu, MD2, Nicholas Robbins, DO3, Jian Ling, PhD4, Bijaya Parida, PhD2, Vijay Gorantla, MD, PhD5, Erik Weitzel, MD2, Michael Davis, MD2; 1San Antonio Military Medical Center, 259th Medical Wing United States Air Force, 3University of Texas Health Sciences Center, 4Southwest Research Institute at San Antonio, 5University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

MSS07 Plasma Co-Administration Improves Resuscitation with Tranexamic Acid or Prothrombin Complex in a Porcine Hemorrhagic Shock Model John P Kuckelman, Morgan Barron, MD, Donald Moe, Michael Lallemand, John McClellan, Shannon Marko, Matthew Eckert, Matthew Martin; Madigan Army Medical Center

MSS08 INHIBITION OF TLR-4 ATTENUATES SYSTEMIC IMMUNE RESPONSE IN HEMORRHAGIC SHOCK Samuel W Hoppe, MD, William Chang, MD, Michael Kilbourne, MD, Balakrishna M Prasad, PhD; Dwight D Eisenhower Army Medical Center