2019 Trauma/Critical Care Presentations

MSS06 Management of Concomitant Vein Injury in the Setting of Military Popliteal Artery Trauma: Limb Outcomes Assessment Jordan L Guice, MD, MPH, Shaun M Gifford, MD, Kai Hata, MD, Xiaoming Shi, Brandon W Propper, David S Kauvar; San Antonio Military Medical Center

MSS07 OBESITY IN COMBAT-WOUNDED AMPUTEES Kelli Ishihara, MD, Grant Sizemore, MD, Scott Nguyen, MD, Freeman Condon, MD, Bridgette Colgan, MD, John Mayo, Erik Criman, Dylan Russell, Mike Lustik, MS, Robert Lim, MD; Tripler Army Medical Center

MSS08 Nationwide Blunt Cerebrovascular Injury Outcomes in the Pediatric Population: Big Problems in Little Patients Christoper W Marenco, MD1, Woo Do, MD1, Daniel Lammers, MD1, Matthew Eckert, MD1, Carly Eckert, MD1, Denis Bensard, MD2, Matthew J Martin, MD1; 1Madigan Army Medical Center, 2Children’s Hospital Colorado

MSS09 Military Experience in the Management of Pelvic Fractures from OIF/OEF William J Parker, MD, Robert Despain, MD, Jeffrey Bailey, MD, Eric Elster, MD, Carlos Rodriguez, MD, MBA, Matthew Bradley, MD; Walter Reed National Military Medical Center

MSS10 Military Experience with Trauma Induced ARDS on the Battlefield Sarah Thomas, MD1, Ryan Rhie, MPH1, Lydia Piper, MD1, James Aden, PhD1, Phillip Mason, MD1, Jennifer Gurney, MD2, James Lantry, MD3, Terry Lonergan, MD3, Brendan Beely, RRT4, Daniel Wendorff4, Andriy Batchinsky, MD4, Valerie Sams, MD1; 1SAMMC, 2ISR, 3Baltimore CSTARS, 4Geneva Foundation